quarta-feira, 29 de julho de 2009

Offline Categories - Ambient Media

Gold Croquette – Torke Stunt

Dexter Urinols - Ambient Media

Silver Croquette – Filadelfia

Terranova Land Rover - Ambient Media

Honorary Croquette – Bob Ferraz and Gustavo Frazão

Kleenex - Got flu interactive stickers stuck on soap dispensers

Offline Categories – New alternative media

Gold Croquette -
Leo Burnett Lisbon

Diageo - An audio guide of street art in Lisbon

Silver Croquette - Mazah live marketing and Agência Escala

Defying Inertia - New Alternative Media

Offline Categories – Urban intervention

Gold Croquette - Beats Below the Line

Radio Banda B - A peace sign was drawn in the middle of a football field with the following copy "there should be peace inside and outside the field)

Silver Croquette - Leo Burnett Hambre

FNAC - Urban Intervention

Honorary Croquette - Sponge Brussels

Lacoste - Love of Pink

Offline Categories – Ambush Marketing

Gold Croquette – Excentric

Taj Mahal Moo Daat - Ambush Marketing

Silver Croquette – Excentric / McCann Erikson

Baratas & Bicharada - Campaign made for an exterminating company. Stickers of cockroaches were stuck on the bottom of shoes in stores with the company's contact.

Honorary Croquette - Torke Stunt

Chuck Norris Christmas Party - Campaign whereby agency Torke Stunt crashed the Christmas parties of big agencies with the excuse of not having money for a party of their own because of the financial crises

Offline Categories – Field Marketing

Gold Croquette - Mazah Live Marketing

Department of Health Rio Grande do Sul - Field Marketing

Silver Croquette - Torke Stunt

Dexter - Field Marketing

Honorary Croquette - Mazah Live Marketing and Agência Escala

Tennis Foundation - Field Marketing

Offline Categories – PR Stunt

Gold Croquette - OgilvyOne SP Brasil

Agente Cidadão - PR Stunt

Silver Croquette - Filadelfia

Terranova Land Rover - PR Stunt

Honorary Croquette - Alex Sanchez Garbini

Eu Mesmo - PR Stunt

Offline Categories – The uncategory

Gold Croquette - Fischer Portugal

APPM - Portuguese Association of Marketing Professionals

Silver Croquette - Francisca Deslandes

Casa do Zé - Student Project

terça-feira, 28 de julho de 2009

Online Categories – Interactive projects

Gold Croquette - Sponge Brussels + 1 md

Prototype - Campaign for video game using Facebook connect to make a personalized trailer with the user's photos and information on facebook

Silver Croquette -
DM9DDB Brasil

Terra Loterias - Online campaign whereby you follow a monkey on twitter and hope that he will type your name on the computer in a numerous attempts of random typing

Honorary Croquette - DM9DDB Brasil

Editoras on-line - A book that regularly updates its content, featuring a series of QR codes, whereby readers can decode the codes revealing love or hate messages by taking a photo with their mobile phone

Online Categories – Viral

Gold Croquette - Fischer Portugal

APPM - Portuguese Association of Marketing Professionals

Silver Croquette - JWT

Vodafone - Viral video of beatboxing

Honorary Croquette - Invisible Red

Online Categories – The digital uncategory

Gold Croquette - Multi Touch Barcelona

Silver Croquette - Torke Stunt + Buddy Systems

Offfiwish - An interactive instalation at Offf Digital Festival. People just have to follow @offfiwish on Twitter to become a star in the sky projected at Offf's ceiling. Everytime someone interacts with the profile, sending wishes, it appears on the projection

Honorary Croquette - R2

Tecla Informática - The Digital Uncategory

Offline Categories – Old Croquette